Washington State MONAHRQ


WaMONAHRQ is a health care information system that includes tabular, graph, and map reports on hospital inpatient care utilization, quality and potentially avoidable stays. It also includes reports on nursing home quality and a directory of physicians practicing in Washington. 

The compilation of WaMONAHRQ is based on the tools of MONAHRQ  (7.0) and Quality Indicators (WinQI 6.0) provided by the  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) . ​   

Hospital Quality and Utilization

WaMONAHRQ reports hospital quality in recommended care, results of care, patterns of how care is delivered, patient experience and patient safety.

It also reports rates of inpatient care utilization with a special section on avoidable hospital stays. Rates of utilization are available by hospital type and geography for major diagnosis category (MDC), clinical classifications for diagnoses and procedures, and detailed diagnosis codes 

Nursing Home Quality

Nursing Home Quality in WaMONAHRQ is based on Nursing Home Compare from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. 

Nursing homes are rated on the following:

Overall rating

Overall quality rating

Overall staffing rating

Family survey results

Communication with family members

Rating of Care

Physician Search

Physician Search in WaMONAHRQ contains a directory of physicians practicing in Washington state. The directory can be searched by a physician's name, practice name, city, ZIP code and specialty.

The physician directory is constructed using databases from health insurers' network adequacy reports, the National Provider Identifier (NPI) and the CMS Physician Compare. Physicians in the directory had valid Washington state licenses at the time the directory was constructed.

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Last update: August 31, 2017